PBS Kids ordered a second season of Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures of 26 episodes on July 20, 2011. Season 2 began production in January 2012 on 26 episodes and will premiere on June 23, 2012 and will run until September 16, 2012. Produced by Polka Dot Productions and Kidobi.

Confirmed cast

Daveigh Chase as Betsy

Sally Struthers as Mrs. O' Connor

Fred Willard as Bus Driver Bob

Bess Armstrong as Betsy's Mom

Vicki Lewis as Molly

Richard Steven Horvitz as Scott, Betsy's Dad

Cree Summer as Sarah, Maria

Nancy Cartwright as Billy, Kenji, Kevin

Kath Soucie as Newton

Bernie Kopell as Principal Warner

Joan Rivers as Betsy's Grandmother

Henry Winkler as Vice Principal Walker

Big Time Rush as Themselves


1."Betsy's Road Trip" ; "Betsy and the Fire Engine" (06/23/12)

Betsy's Road Trip

Mrs. O'Connor and the kids are learning about what they are supposed to do while in a car. She explains that it's important to buckle up your seatbelt to keep safe. Betsy says that she is going with her family on a road trip to visit her grandmother. But when things go wrong in the car, Betsy learns that we should always be prepared on what could happen in a car. (Guest Starring Joan Rivers as Betsy's Grandmother)

Betsy and the Fire Engine

Mrs O'Connor invites a good friend of her's who is a firefighter. And he teaches the children what they should do when there's a fire at their school or home. He brings in a Dalmation Dog named Sparky. Sparky helps warn people when there is a fire somewhere. At Betsy's home, Betsy and her friends practice on what they should do when there is a fire.

2."Betsy is Invited to Dinner" ; "Maria's Birthday Party" (06/24/12)

Betsy is Invited to Dinner

Maria invites Betsy to her house for dinner for spaghetti which is Betsy's favorite but Molly has invite Betsy to her house for some Macaroni & Cheese another one of Betsy's favorite. Molly & Maria both argue on who wants Betsy to stay at their house but Betsy can't decide on where to stay. When Betsy has an idea she invites both Molly & Maria over to her house for both Spaghetti & Macaroni & Cheese both of Betsy's favorites.

Maria's Birthday Party

Maria is turning 6 on Friday and she's invited Betsy and her friends over to her birthday party. At the party Maria is wearing a birthday crown while the rest wear party hats. Everybody has lots of fun at her birthday party. When Betsy's tummy starts growling telling her she's hungry everybody sits at the table while they have birthday cake and they all have a good time.

3."Kevin Goes to Day Care" ; "Betsy's Family Reunion" (06/30/12)

Kevin Goes to Day Care

Betsy's little brother Kevin is starting Day Care soon and Betsy's Mom is trying to get prepared. Betsy is a bit worried about her little brother starting day care but her mom says not to worry Kevin is going to be fine. The next day Kevin gets on the Day Care bus and starts Day Care. Meanwhile at Lakeshore School Betsy and her friends remember they're first day at day care while Kevin's day care goes well.

Betsy's Family Reunion

Betsy's aunts, uncles, cousins and her grandmother are coming to Betsy's house for a family reunion. Betsy's Mom gets food ready while Betsy's Dad gets party games going and they are all ready when Betsy's aunt and uncle and cousin Natalie arrive with Betsy's grandmother. They arrive playing party games until Betsy's tummy starts growling meaning it was time for the feast. Betsy and her family have a wonderful time at the family reunion.

4."Playdate" ; "Betsy Goes Fishing" (07/1/12)


Billy and Maria are coming over to Betsy's house for a play date. When they arrive they play with Betsy's little brother Kevin and forget all about the playdate which makes Betsy jealous. Mrs. O'Connor arrives to drop off some eggs that Betsy's Mom needed to bake a cake and she tells Betsy that it's okay to feel jealous. Betsy feels better and Billy & Maria decide to play with Betsy and continue with their play date.

Betsy Goes Fishing

Betsy goes fishing with her dad and catches a big fish.

5."Betsy's Number Hunt" ; "Betsy's Scavenger Hunt" (7/7/12)

Betsy's Number Hunt

The children must look for the right numbers all over the school in order to solve Mrs. O'Connor's puzzle.

Betsy's Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. O'Connor sets up a scavenger hunt for Betsy and her friends. Mrs. O'Connor sets Betsy and her friends up into 2 teams and must find the right things on the list. Whoever finds the right things and arrives to Mrs. O'Connor first will win a prize.

6."Betsy's Scary Dream" ; "Betsy Goes to The Mall" (7/8/12)

Betsy's Scary Dream

Betsy wakes up to a scary dream and she says that a monster was chasing her. But her mother says not to worry. She says bad dreams can never come back. She tells Betsy to count sheep in her sleep. That helped Betsy's mom get back to sleep when she was a little girl. So she counts sheep and goes fast asleep.

Betsy Goes to The Mall

Betsy and her family decide to go shopping at the mall.

7."The New Cafeteria" ; "The Principal's Office" (7/14/12)

The New Cafeteria

It's almost time for lunch and Betsy's tummy is growling. Mrs. O'Connor says a new cafeteria is opening today. Betsy and her friends are so hungry they have growling tummies they can't wait to taste the new cafeteria food. Just then they hear a loud growling noise coming from Mrs. O'Connor's tummy. It turns out that she is very hungry to try the new cafeteria food. They all get in line for lunch and it turns out the food is delicious. Betsy and her friends can't wait until tomorrow.

The Prinicpal's Office

Principal Warner calls Betsy into his office and gives her an envelope to give to her mother. Betsy is worried that it might be something bad and is afraid to give it to her. But when she has a nightmare about the envelope, she decides to give it to her. Betsy's Mom's opens the letter and we reveal that they were documents that she needed from Principal Warner. Betsy thoughts the documents were about her but they were taxes the Betsy's Mom needed to pay. Betsy is glad that she wasn't in trouble.

8."The Science Fair" ; "Betsy Meets Big Time Rush" (7/15/12)

The Science Fair

Principal Warner announces it's Science Fair time for Lakeshore Elementary and the kids get to do whatever they want for the Science Projects. Billy is making a bug house, Maria is making a Dancing Robot Girl and all the other kids make other science projects. But Betsy doesn't know what to make. Until she gets ideas from Mrs. O'Connor for her to make a Tornado in a Bottle project. Betsy says that's a great idea. When the science projects are finished and ready for the science fair, Principal Warner, Mrs. O'Connor and Vice Principal Walker are the judges. They see everybody's projects including Betsy's and Betsy is chosen to be the winner of the Science Fair. It turns out that Mrs. O'Connor gave Betsy a hint about her science fair project.

Betsy Meets Big Time Rush

Everyone is very excited because they are raising money to go see Big Time Rush in concert Betsy's favorite music group. But the next day everybody raised enough money except Betsy so she couldn't go to the concert which made her very sad. Luckily the next day after the concert Mrs. O'Connor had a surprise for Betsy. Big Time Rush came to visit her at Lakeshore School and wanted to perform a song with her. Betsy was glad she got to sing with her favorite music group Big Time Rush. (Guest Starring Big Time Rush as themselves performing Music Sounds Better With You.)

9."Betsy in Wonderland" (7/21/12)

Betsy and her friends are having a sleepover at Billy's house and Billy's dad tells them it's time for bed and when they go to sleep, Betsy dreams she's Alice from Alice in Wonderland and dreaming that she is in wonderland there she meets White Rabbit (Billy), Mad Hatter (Newton), Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Scott and Kenji), Mathilda (Maria) The Rose (Sarah) and The Queen of Hearts (Molly) when Betsy arrives in Wonderland she gets lost and she meets the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit would love to help find her way home but he's late for a party. Suddenly Betsy's tummy is growling for food. Asking the White Rabbit will there be food at the party? He said yes while there she meets the other characters and after dinner Betsy wishes she was home when Billy wakes Betsy up. Betsy tells Billy that she'd dreamed that she was Alice from Alice in Wonderland and he was The White Rabbit. Bily says that's cool and tells Betsy that breakfast is almost ready. He says his dad is making pancakes. Betsy's tummy starts growling and says I feel in the mood for some pancakes.

10."Blueberry Hill" ; "A Trip To The Hospital" (7/22/12)

Blueberry Hill

Mrs. O'Connor and the class are going on a field trip to Blueberry Hill. Betsy says Blueberry Hill is her favorite place in the whole entire world. Because there is lots and lots of blueberries that she loves to eat. Mrs. O'Connor reminds Betsy not to eat too many blueberries or she'll get a tummy ache like last time. Once they get there they are given buckets to collect blueberries for a big surprise. But Betsy's bucket is not getting full enough she's eating a lot of blueberries. Betsy develops another tummy ache and Mrs. O'Connor tells Betsy to rest until she feels better. Once she feels better, she is excited to see the surprise a Blueberry Pie. Betsy's says Blueberry Pie is her favorite but her tummy growls and says maybe it could wait until she's more better and takes a piece home.

A Trip To The Hospital

Betsy and Billy are playing outside in Billy's backyard when Betsy falls and breaks her arm crying out in pain. Billy's dad calls Betsy's mom and tells her to meet them at the hospital. Betsy and Billy and his dad have arrived at the hospital. Betsy's mom says that it's will be alright she says that it happens all the time. When the doctor is ready to see Betsy, The doctor takes x-rays to look if Betsy broke her arm and it looks like she did. The doctor puts a cast for Betsy to rest her arm and tells Betsy's mom that Betsy can have Ice Cream for dinner. Billy says Betsy is so lucky that she can the ice cream she wants.

11."Teacher Appreciation Day" ; "The Treehouse" (7/28/12)

Teacher Appreciation Day

Betsy and her friends are very excited because tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day and they are throwing Mrs. O'Connor a surprise party in honor of that day. But since Betsy has a broken arm and can't help with a lot. She decides to help with a little bit of things. When the party is ready to begin, Principal Warner brings Mrs. O'Connor with a blindfold covering her eyes into the classroom. She removes the blindfold and the party begins. Everybody loves having Mrs. O'Connor as a teacher and so does Betsy.

The Treehouse

It's Saturday and Betsy and her friends have nothing to do. Betsy's Dad suggest he helps them build a treehouse. Betsy and her friends get very excited about building a treehouse and go with Betsy's Dad to get lots of stuff at the Hardware Store. When they finish the shopping they start building the treehouse. And once they finish building the treehouse they rest while Betsy's Mom brings the kids Lemonade and Cookies. Betsy is glad that she has her own treehouse to play in.

12."Painting The School" ; "Going Swimming" (7/29/12)

Painting The School

Principal Warner is painting the school tomorrow and asks everybody to please be careful and not get paint on their clothing. Betsy is very happy because the doctor is taking off her cast tomorrow after having it on for 6 weeks. While Prinicpal Warner gets ready to paint the school, Betsy's friends go with her to the doctor to see Betsy getting her cast removed. Once Betsy gets her cast removed, they all return to the school to see to new walls painted. They are all very happy to see the new look at Lakeshore Elementary School.

Going Swimming

With Prinicpal Warner's permission, Mrs. O'Connor has decided to take the class swimming on Friday. She sents out permission slips to everyone's parents so Betsy lets her mom sign her permission slip and everyone's elses parents have signed their permission slips and they are all ready to swimming.

13."Grocery Shopping" ; "Mother's Day" (8/4/12)

Grocery Shopping

Betsy's Mom is making a surprise dinner for Betsy and Kevin but she is out of the ingredients she needs to make it. So she takes Betsy and Kevin grocery shopping and they play a game to guess what Betsy's Mom needs for the surprise dinner. She gets spaghetti sauce and Betsy guesses Spaghetti but Betsy is wrong, then she grabs cheese and Betsy guesses pasta but Betsy is wrong again, finally she grabs Pepperoni and Betsy finally knows what her mom is gonna make Pizza! Pizza is Betsy's favorite food and her tummy starts growling so Betsy's mom says that she has to get started on the pizza cause Betsy's tummy sounds hungry. Once the pizza is finished it is ready to eat. Betsy is glad she helped her mom with the shopping.

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and Betsy still needs to get flowers for her mom to give to her. Betsy's Dad takes her to the flower shop and gives her money there she meets a grumpy flower shop owner who traps Betsy. The reason why the grumpy store owner trapped her is he doesn't have any friends. Betsy tells the store owner that she could be his friend if she lets her go. He lets her go and Betsy buys flowers for Mother's Day. Once Betsy gives the flowers to her mom, she tells her that she made a new friend on Mother's Day.

14."Betsy's Loose Tooth" ; "Betsy Takes Karate" (8/5/12)

Betsy's Loose Tooth

Like in the Season 1 episode The Tooth Chart Betsy gets another loose tooth so Betsy's friends decide to try some experiments to get Betsy's tooth out.

Betsy Takes Karate

After seeing a commercial on TV, Betsy decides she wants to take Karate so Betsy's Mom agrees to take her to her first Karate class.

15."Betsy Meets Jimmy Fallon" ; "Betsy Goes Camping" (8/11/12)

Betsy Meets Jimmy Fallon

Lakeshore Elementary gets a visit by late night host Jimmy Fallon. Betsy is a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon and Betsy's Mom invites him to dinner at their house. Jimmy Fallon asks Betsy if she'd like to be on his show. Betsy's Mom agrees to let Betsy be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in Lakeshore. Betsy hopes she sees Jimmy Fallon again soon. (Guest Starring Jimmy Fallon as Himself)

Betsy Goes Camping

Mrs. O'Connor, Bus Driver Bob and Principal Warner take Betsy and her friends camping. Principal Warner remembers the first time he went camping when he was a little boy so Betsy and his friends have decided to set up the campfire, once they finish setting up the campfire, they sing songs. Principal Warner asks them to listen to the sounds of nature. An Owl, Crickets, and they hear a growling sound, Billy says it's a bear, Scott was hoping it's a friendly bear but Betsy tells Billy and Scott that it was only her tummy growling. All that listening to the sounds of nature has made her very hungry. They all decide to make smores and after they finish eating they head to bed.

16."Betsy Goes to Camp" ; "Betsy and the Scary Bird" (8/12/12)

Betsy Goes to Camp

Betsy is getting ready to go to camp for the weekend so her mom helps her pack her clothes that she needs for the trip. In Camp, you can play games and go swimming and even go on a hike. Bus Driver Bob is called Camp Counselor Bob and he's Betsy and the gang's camp counselor and tells them that they will all start in the morning. Betsy shares a cabin with Billy, Scott shares a cabin with Kenji and Molly shares a cabin with Maria and Sarah. The next morning they all get up and eat breakfast and start with the fun activities and they have a wonderful time.

Betsy and the Scary Bird

Betsy has been dropped off at her house from school and she sees a baby bird. It looks like the baby bird has fallin off his nest. Betsy tells her mom if she could keep the baby bird until she can find his mother. Betsy's mom says it's okay but she has to put it in a box. Then in middle of the night the angry mother bird gets into Betsy's house very upset, tapping on Betsy wakes her up and is crying for help. Betsy's mom quickly gives the baby bird back to his mother and gives Betsy bandages for the cuts. The next morning, Betsy gets on the school bus without having any breakfast and Billy tells Betsy what she did after school? Her tummy growls and her answer was don't remind me!

17."Betsy's New Sweater" ; "Walking Around The Neighborhood" (8/18/12)

Betsy's New Sweater

Betsy dislikes her new sweater that her grandmother gave her.

Walking Around The Neighborhood

Betsy gets up very early so she can go for a walk with her mom and Kevin, during their 5 AM walk they see a lot of familiar faces like Bus Driver Bob, Principal Warner and Mrs. O'Connor. By the time they get home the sun is up and is now daylight. Betsy starts getting hungry and her tummy starts growling. Betsy's Mom suggest that she makes Betsy's favorite, Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast. Betsy says it's a great idea.

18."The School Play" ; "Baseball Betsy" (8/19/12)

The School Play

Mrs. O'Connor plans a school play and is directing it and as director she puts Betsy as the star of her play Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Molly is playing The Evil Queen, while Billy, Scott, Sarah, Maria, Kenji, Newton and Betsy's baby brother Kevin are playing the Seven Dwarfs and they have to memorize their lines before the play. On the night of the play everyone's parents comes to see their kids in the school play. And they all have a terrific time.

Baseball Betsy

Bus Driver Bob is named the new head coach of Lakeshore Elementary's new baseball team The Lakeshore Rockets and Bus Driver Bob says that tryouts for the team are tomorrow and Betsy really wants to tryout and Betsy's Mom and Dad agree to let her tryout. The next day Betsy's friends all try out for the team and once Betsy tells everyone to keep practicing, Bus Driver Bob names Betsy as team captain for helping her friends out. All of her friends all made it to the team. And they have their first game tomorrow. Betsy and her friends are very excited for their first game.

19."Betsy's New Computer" ; "Betsy's Snowy Day" (8/25/12)

Betsy's New Computer

Betsy's Dad buys a new computer for business work and new educational games that Betsy can play.

Betsy's Snowy Day

It's snowing in Lakeshore and there is still school but Mrs. O'Connor cancels the lesson and decides that it's a right time to play outside in the snow. Betsy and her friends decide to make the biggest snowman in the world with the help of Mrs. O'Connor, Bus Driver Bob and Principal Warner. Just then Lakeshore News comes and reports the Biggest Snowman Ever at Lakeshore Elementary School. Betsy arrives home and sees herself on TV. Betsy is glad she got to make the biggest snowman ever.

20."Betsy's New Shoes" ; "Hurricane Betsy" (8/26/12)

Betsy's New Shoes

Betsy has grown so much that her shoes don't fit her anymore so after school Betsy's Mom is taking her to the shoe store to get new shoes.

Hurricane Betsy

A hurricane is on it's way to Lakeshore and Mrs. O'Connor wants everyone home safe and sound before it starts. Bus Driver Bob drives everyone home as quick as he can even honking the horn so people can drive faster. Betsy arrives home safe and sound and Billy & Maria join her just in time. a few hours later Betsy seems to be frightened of the hurricane and the thunder but Billy says that he'll protect her. Later the storm gets worse and gets strong winds. Once the storm is over it has caused a lot of damage. Betsy is very disappointed on what the storm has caused. But with a little help from the adults they all clean up the town and have a great time.

21."Betsy's Awesomeness Game" ; "Maria The Magician" (9/1/12)

Betsy's Awesomeness Game

Betsy is addicted to a new game called Awesomeness (a parody of Perfection) and she can't stop playing it. The next day at school Betsy is tired because she didn't sleep at all last night. She had been playing Awesomeness all night. But Mrs. O'Connor & Principal Warner give her advice that playing a game that's addicting and not getting sleep can be a big huge problem. Betsy's lesson is that you should never get addicted to a new game, unless you play it with your friends.

Maria the Magician

A Magician shows up at Billy's Birthday Party and does a few magic tricks. But for his final trick, Maria decides to help with the last trick. The trick is successful and Maria decides she wants to be a magician but Betsy gives her a lot of advice about Magic since Betsy's uncle knows a lot of magic tricks. Betsy decides to help Maria succeed and puts on her own magic show for the class. Maria has learned magic with the help of a friend.

22."Betsy's New Library Book" ; "Betsy Goes to the Dentist" (9/2/12)

Betsy's class visits the library and Miss. Monroe the Librarian has a new book to read to the whole class. A Book about Nursery Rhymes. She reads Little Miss. Muffet which is Betsy's favorite nursery rhyme. Betsy decides she wants to borrow the book. So Betsy checks out the book and reads it but when a real spider shows up, she's afraid of it. But her mother says not to worry they are a part of nature and Betsy feels a lot better.

Betsy Goes to the Dentist

After Betsy's tooth starts to hurt after eating too many sweets, Betsy's Mom schedules an appointment for Betsy's visit to the dentist. Betsy's Mom says she's going to pick Betsy up from school early to take her to the dentist. So once Betsy arrives, the doctor tells her that she has a small cavity so she's going to need a filling. Once the doctor finishes the filling, he gives her a sticker and a brand new toothbrush. Betsy is glad that she got to visit the dentist.

23."The New Aquarium" ; "The Wild Wild West" (9/8/12)

The New Aquarium

Mrs. O'Connor takes the class on a field trip to the brand new huge aquarium that looks a lot like Water Tank.

The Wild Wild West

It's nap time at Lakeshore Elementary and Betsy dreams that she is a sheriff in the Wild Wild West and must face the evil bandit Bossy Molly who robs a jewelery store run by a store manager (Maria). Sheriff Betsy must stop Bossy Molly from robbing jewelery and when she succeeds she takes Bossy Molly to jail. And Betsy wakes up from her dream and tells her friends about it. Mrs. O'Connor tells the class that it's snacktime and Betsy's tummy is growling and she's very hungry.

24."The Train Ride' ; "The Broken Vase" (9/9/12)

The Train Ride

Mrs. O'Connor takes the class on a train ride.

The Broken Vase

Betsy accidentally breaks her mother's favorite vase but she's afraid that she might get mad at her so she hides the broken vase. When her mother finds out Betsy apologizes to her mom. Betsy's Mom forgives Betsy and says that accidents do happen and Betsy decides to make her mother a brand new vase and her mother decides to help.

25."Betsy's New Friend" ; "Playdate with Cindy" (9/15/12)

Betsy's New Friend

Mrs. O'Connor's class has a new student, her name is Cindy and Mrs. O'Connor chooses Betsy as her new class buddy. But Betsy is not sure if this would work. Mrs. O'Connor tells the class that they will be having a bake sale this Friday. Cindy says she loves bake sales and would always help at her old school. Cindy helps Betsy make posters for the bake sale but accidentally breaks Betsy's color pencils. Betsy is not mad at her and forgives her. On Friday the bake sale begins and Betsy's Mom is volunteering at the bake sale with a batch of cookies. Both Betsy & Cindy's tummies start growling and ask Betsy's Mom if they could have some cookies. Betsy's Mom says Yes!

Playdate with Cindy

Betsy's new friend Cindy is coming over to play but they have to get things ready. First, Betsy has to find a game they could play together. Second, Betsy's Mom has to bake cookies for their snack. Once Cindy arrives they all have a great time playing a game of Checkers. While playing they hear a strange noise coming from Cindy's tummy. Cindy was getting hungry after playing checkers with Betsy and decide to have their snack. Finally Cindy's Mom picks Cindy up and Betsy asks Cindy if they wanna have a playdate again soon. Cindy's Mom says it's okay.

26."Betsy Graduates Kindergarten" ; "How It All Ended" (9/16/12) (Series Finale)

Betsy Graduates Kindergarten

Betsy and her friends are graduating Kindergarten in 2 days and practice what they have to do in a auditorium. 2 days later the big event arrives Betsy and her friends finally graduate kindergarten with everyone's parents watching. Betsy is glad to be honored by graduating kindergarten.

How It All Ended

It's the last day of school and Betsy is about to say goodbye to her friends, Mrs. O'Connor, Bus Driver Bob, and Principal Warner. When the final bell rings and summer officially begins. Betsy says that she'll miss her friends but will never forget them. She also hopes that she'll see them very very soon.